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Kerala – the home land of Palakkunnathu Family

KERALA, the land of SAINT THOMAS CHRISTIANS, and the home State of Palakkunnathu Family, is one of the most scenic places in India, with lush green vegetation, beautiful streams, rivers, waterfalls, canals and back waters, with tropical sun and abundant rain; with alluring beaches on the West and thick tropical jungle on the East; a beautiful and charming State in India.

Between the Arabian Sea on the West and Western Ghats (mountains) on the East; Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin) (8.0780N 77.540E) the southern point of India on the South and Payyanur (12.100N 75.190E) on the North, was the land known as Kerala. It was also referred as Malankara or Malabar, but this name Malabar should not be confused with the erstwhile Malabar District of British India. Moreover the present day State of Kerala does not include the whole land of ancient days.



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Kurian Pillai, eldest son of Mathen Palakunnathu, moved from his ancestral home at Palakunnathu Madam and lived at Themoottil House, Maramon.
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Easow, the second son of Mathen Palakunnathu, moved from his ancestral home at Palakunnathu, Maramon and settled at Neduvelil,
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Kuriaan [Kuruvilla], (Peryilelil, Keezhukara), the third son of Mathen, Palakunnathu, moved from his ancestral home at Palakunnathu
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Mathen, fourth son of Mathen, Palakunnathu, bought a piece of land at Vazharmangalam, Othara. It belonged to Namboothiri
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Thomas, (Mathen Thomma Malpan) fifth son of Mathen Palakunnathu Madathil was a hermit priest [b.1736; d: 1821, (age 85) He was
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Mathew, Palakunnathu, Maramon, youngest son of Mathen, continued to live at Palakkunnathu Madom. He passed away [d: c.1799],
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These Words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up - Deuteronomy 6:6,7.

Abraham Malpan

His Grace The Most Rev.Mathews Mar Athenasius
Syrian Metropolitan of Malabar

His Grace The Most Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius
Syrian Metropolitan of Malabar


His Grace The Most Rev. Titus I
Mar Thoma Metropolitan

His Grace The Most Rev. Titus II
Mar Thoma Metropolitan

His Grace The Most Rev.Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan

Rev. P.E.Mathew
President, 1966-1983

Neduvelil, Keezhukara, Kozhenchery.

Rev. P.M.Chacko
President: 1983-1998

Moozhiyil, Maramon

Rev. Jose Punamadom
President: 1998-2013

Punamadathu, Othera.

Rev. Varghese Mathew
Vice President: 2000-2012

Periyielil, Kunnathumkuzhiyilel

Rev. P.M.Abraham

Family History.

St. Thomas Christian Community

Christianity in the South Indian State of Kerala, India, has a history from the time of the missionary activities of Saint Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. In the first century it was not a religion but was a community that believed in Jesus of Nazareth, his birth, his teachings, his sufferings, his death, his resurrection and his ascension. They had their own worship places, and assembled there on each Lord’s Day with great alacrity. [Ref: Sir Thomas Herbert – Some Years Travels into Asia and Afrique p.304-305]. . . . .



Office Bearers.


His Grace The Most Rev.Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan

Sri.N.C.Thomaskutty. Neduvelil

Vice President
Mr. C.P. Luke

Sri. P.N. Alexander

Sri. Jacob Varughese.

Thelaprathu Kunnapuzha

Family Historian
Sri. N.M.Mathew. Neduvelil

Joint Secretary
Mr. Varghese Thomas

Website Co-ordinator
Mr. Ray Neduvelil


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